Il Diavolo L'acqua Santa

Restaurant in Como in an outstanding location

Il Diavolo L 'acqua Santa

Good Food, Good Wine, Good Time...

Il Diavolo L’acqua Santa is a multi-purpose space that has been created following the skilful renovation of the stables of the nearby Conti Reina Castle in Como (Quarcino), which has given rise to an original and innovative restaurant project in Como.

Inside the building there are three different restaurant areas: Le Scuderie restaurant, the Gourmet Lounge and I sette peccati dello chef (non-democratic cuisine), where you can taste our different ideas of traditional cousine, with a touch of fantasy.

Nicola and Stefano

The two faces of Il Diavolo L'acqua Santa

We are Nicola and Stefano, two opposite people, incompatible and always in total disagreement.

Despite our incessant differences, we found a unique point in common without doubts about the name to be assigned to the restaurant we decided to start up together in Como: Il Diavolo L’acqua santa, two opposing elements which can not exist one without the other (we will see some nice ones!).