Il Diavolo L'acqua Santa

Le Scuderie restaurant

Traditional cuisine in our own way

With a particolar attention to the products of the territory

Le Scuderie restaurant takes its name from the stables adjacent to the castle of the Conti Reina which is located a little further on, in the ancient rural village of Quarcino.

Fascinated by the location, we decided to place the heart of Il Diavolo L'acqua Santa right here, where you can taste and enjoy the dishes of our main menu.

The raw materials selected from the best local artisans and producers of the Lake of Como allow us to express our idea of cooking, almost entirely at km0, with seasonal ingredients always of high quality.

Meat specialties

Big space at Italian quality

Our cuisine features mainly meat dishes, from the best local selection. Chef Nicola will come directly to your table to select with you the perfect cut for the best Florentine steak in the area!

The cellar, divided in two sections, one refrigerated and one dedicated to red wines, is composed by bottles of exclusively Italian wines, in order to carry on the tradition of the good Made in Italy.